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How and Where Can I Find a Good & Affordable WordPress Website Designer?

Unlike what most website and ecommerce platforms claim, creating a website that turns out to be unique in the true sense isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You are going to need a reliable and skillful web designer for design help in order to come up with a website that is not only different from other sites, but is also effective enough to create a brand awareness and promote your business effectively.

So, how do you really find that good web designer – and by ‘good’, we are talking about an agency or an individual who has prior experience creating websites in that niche, has a totally killer portfolio, understands your business goals, and doesn’t charge a fortune to build your website. Here are a few suggestions that will help you find the right web designer for your needs.

Know what you want – and what you don’t

Before you really go looking for a web designer, it is crucial for you to make up your mind on what you really want for your website. Someone may prefer aesthetics to functionality; others may decide to go for a site that offers an impressive visitor experience. Factoring in your business requirements and your personal taste, decide on whether you want that highly visual and trendy site or a site having a more traditional, simplistic design.

Also, it is quite important to factor in things such as how often do you wish to update your web copy and how you intend to do it. Do you want to update it yourself, every once in a while, or you are happy with your developer doing this task once every year or so? Once you have decided what kind of a website you want, and how you expect to maintain it, you should ahead and screen potential web designers that can handle these elements, accordingly.

Get a Good Look at Their Previous Work

Any decent web design company worth their salt maintains a healthy archive of their previous work, and in fact takes pride in showing it off to their customers. The notable point here is that for something so important and something that’s going to shape how your business is going to appeal to your customers; you can’t leave anything up to chance. It is therefore important to check up on your web designer’s past work, and see if they are capable of handling the kind of work you are assigning them.

Also, ask them questions about it, and inquire if they were able to meet the design goals. Any company who’s not hiding anything will be pleased to share with you all the details concerning their notable works. Thrive Web Design prides itself on the work we have done in the past and happily oblige to customers’ requests for sharing samples. Also, another point worth mentioning is that it isn’t actually a healthy practice to solely focus on your kind of work while looking for a designer. In fact, you must always prefer companies or designers that can handle not just yours, but rather all kinds of work. That way, you know that they’re versatile as and skilled enough.

Familiarize Yourself with the Team

team of web designerThis might seem like an unnecessary step, but if you think about it, is quite remarkable. Suppose you are about to hire a team for your web design goals. Would you be more satisfied if the team was one that had been working together for some time now or one that has been assembled right before the project began? A team that’s familiar with one another, and has been working together for a long time is always better than a group of people who have come together for the first time. This is mainly because older teams tend to have more coordination among them, and are aware of each other’s style of working, which leads to absolutely zero conflicts. Also, you need to know if the ‘team’ is in fact, actually a team and not just a single person handling all the jobs. Thus, there are a number of insights you can gain from this step, and we at Thrive Web Design give you full freedom to not just meet the team, but interact with them as you please.

Making Changes in Future

One of the most fundamental aspects of a website is that it needs to keep changing. No site can always stay the same. If it isn’t updated periodically with newer and fresher content, people will simply lose interest and stop visiting it. To save your website from such a fate, make sure that you get to make changes whenever required. While a good majority of web design firms are quite open to incorporating changes in their initial designs, some of them are not so enthusiastic about it. These are the ones you need to avoid. Also, try to be quite open about how they are going to charge you for these changes. While some firms charge on an hourly basis for making changes, others are more thorough and work by setting up a complete content management tool.

Evaluating Your Results

website evaluationThis can be a tricky step to master, but once you do, you can be sure that you will never go wrong in choosing a web designer for your website. After the website is up and running, wait for some time to check on the kind of reviews it is getting, and if the visitors are getting satisfactory results from your page. You need to look for some keywords and technical terms, bounce rate, conversion rate, or search engine rankings to name a few. Consult with your firm if your website is performing decently on such parameters. At Thrive Web Design, this is the part that we’re quite passionately focused on. We understand how important it is for you that your website gets a high number of views, and we give it our best to make that happen.

While it may seem tricky and intimidating initially, hiring a web designer for your website isn’t such a complicated task. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be an expert on the subject, or even a technical person yourself, to do this job effectively. Instead, all you need is a keen eye to identify the good ones from the bad, and an inquisitive mind that doesn’t hesitate to ask questions.