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Must-Have Plugins For Your WordPress Website

In today’s competitive world, nothing ever stays on top for long. No matter how excellent or brilliant your work is, sooner or later it will be replaced by something that is bigger, better and bolder. A similar theme is followed while building websites. The internet has become perhaps the most potent tool for humanity. However, it is also the most diverse. This means that millions of people regularly post their content on the Internet in the hopes that it might achieve the popularity they are hoping for. To make this come true, people use all sorts of tools and build the most beautiful and visually stunning websites. This article aims to help similarly by outlining some must-have plug-ins for your very own WordPress website. With these little tools by your side, you will be able to give your content the platform it deserves and achieve the popularity you’re looking for.

WP Rocket

wp rocketThis caching plug-in is one of the most powerful WordPress plugins. No need to trifle with complicated plug-in settings, for WP Rocket has been designed such that it will launch as soon as it is activated. Caching improves Search Engine Optimization by minimizing load times. Conversions are increased similarly. All of the images of your website are not loaded instantly. Instead, they’re loaded whenever the user scrolls down the page towards them. All major sites are using this technique to improve loading time. The code of WP Rocket has been designed as clean and commented, and following all of the WordPress best practices. It also contains multiple hooks for easy customizations.


imagifyThe primary reason why websites suffer from lags and huge loading times is the use of heavyweight images. Imagify fixes that for you in a way that you can use beautiful images without affecting the loading time of your page. This tool lets you carry out image optimization in just a single click, makes resizing your pictures super comfortable and convenient, revert to the original versions of your media whenever you feel the need to and enjoy automatic optimization in the selected compression level. Compress your images to see some considerably noticeable changes in the speed of your website and save some precious seconds of your users’ time. Search engines will now be able to detect your site more efficiently, thus increasing the traffic considerably on your site and the visibility you have on the Internet.

Divi Builder

divi builderThe Divi Builder is a visual drag and drops page builder for any WordPress theme that makes building websites completely painless and easy. Divi gives you three section types, twenty-row types and more than forty content modules for you to choose from and build your layout. Additionally, every individual element is customizable giving maximum power to you. You don’t need to know how to code in order to use the Divi Builder. The customization options it comes with are pretty simple and self-explanatory in themselves. Divi’s Advanced Design Settings put you in a position of total control over your content. You get to modify options like colors or typography in a single click and operate everything as per your desire.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a very powerful and dynamic SEO plug-in that helps you get visitors from Google and Bing. It puts you up at the top on all social media so that more and more visitors can be extracted from there, and has been designed and fully equipped to increase your users’ engagement.

It lets you optimize your page for up to five keywords and has an internal linking feature, which suggests links automatically so that search engines can better understand your site. With the snippet editor, you can actually view what your page will look like to an average Google or social media user.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital DownloadsWith this plug-in, you get to create discount codes and coupons to amplify your customer’s excitement and will to buy your products. Incorporate the shopping cart system to allow your customers to download or purchase multiple of your products or services at the same time. There needs to be no limit on the number of files downloaded. Allow endless downloads or set up restrictions by time if you so desire. The REST API incorporated with the plug-in can provide easy access to sales and product information in XML or jSON format.


WooCommerceGive wings to your online business with the most customizable eCommerce platform. It lets you sell all your products, in the most creative ways and using the most stunning build layouts you can imagine. This is an open source platform which is not just extendable but also adaptable. Satisfy your client’s needs by building the very store they desire.

It gives you a multitude of extensions, all of them fully equipped to service all your needs. There are hundreds of paid and free ones, which cover everything from your logistical to technical requirements. For thirty day money back guarantee, extensive support teams ready to help and the safest and most secure methods of online payment, opt for WooCommerce.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7You can’t possibly build a versatile website without the addition of contact forms. They are everywhere, from registration to sign up for a newsletter, every mundane task requires filling up a form. While some of these contain just a couple of fields, some might include much more and a host of other options as well. For such complex, lengthy and high utility forms, you need a tool that lets you create WordPress forms efficiently, and in a matter of minutes. Contact Form 7 is a contact form plugin for your WordPress website. It manages your contact forms and lets you customize your mail contents with markup. It supports Ajax-powered submitting, Akismet spam filtering, CAPTCHA and a lot more.


BackupBuddyTo avoid loss of data, it is incredibly essential to prepare in advance for mishaps and always keep a backup of your WordPress page ready. This is where BackupBuddy comes in. This fantastic tool lets you backup your entire WordPress website in just a few clicks. After you take your backup, it will be available to you in the form of zip files which can be downloaded onto your system. Automatic WordPress backup schedule is a powerful tool that comes with BackupBuddy and lets you schedule the backup process such that it occurs hourly, daily, weekly or monthly as per your settings. Get notified through email instantly whenever one of your backups is finished or needs your attention.


bloom Bloom is an email option plug-in for Windows that can make handling mailing lists a breeze for you. It has been proven time and again that email is the most powerful marketing tool for online content, even leaving social networks behind by a significant margin. Bloom gives you more than hundred beautiful templates for your emails, and each of them can be customized as per your needs. You get to choose from six different display types including automatic opt-in pop-up, automatic opt-in fly-ins, and inline opt-in forms. With automatic pop-up and fly-in triggers, and sixteen different email marketing integrations, this is the email plug-in you have been looking for.


MonarchMonarch is a social media plug-in for your website, which recognizes the power of social media and the impact it can have on your content’s ratings, which is why it gives you integrations with more than twenty popular social media networks. With complete customizability, you get to choose, among five different options, where you want to position your sharing buttons. Monarch lets you not just build your social media presence, but also display it on your website for all your visitors to see. It gives you a clean and customizable design along with lightning-fast speed, which is why it is perhaps the answer to all your popularity worries.


akismetAkismet is a spam filter for your website. With viruses, cyber attacks, phishing cases, and cyber theft cases on the rise, it is essential to get a plug-in which guards you and your customers against such malicious attempts and lets you browse safely. Akismet periodically checks out the comments on your page and eliminates the ones that may be potential spam. With an associated status history for each comment, you get to see which comments were filtered or cleared by Akismet and moderators can even keep track of the number of legal comments made by each user.

Google XML Sitemaps

One of the most critical factors for websites today is their search engine rating. These ratings can either skyrocket your website to immense popularity or can completely sink it into the depths of anonymity. This plug-in works towards improving your site’s SEO to create special XML sitemaps. It impacts all major search engines like Google, Bing, Ask.com, and Yahoo, and the sitemaps it creates makes it easy for these search engines to identify the structure of your website and extract it efficiently. An interesting feature is that every time you create a new post, this plug-in will automatically notify all significant search engines to ensure maximum traffic.


soliloquyIf there’s one thing that websites the world over are actively using right now, its sliders. These interactive web page elements are fun, convenient and extremely helpful in case you want a clean but sophisticated look for your page. Soliloquy is a WordPress slider plug-in that gives you pre-built templates for customization, WooCommerce integration for adding products to your sliders, full-screen lightbox for a fantastic slideshow display and much more. This plug-in is responsive and completely optimized for better SEO.


SucuriSucuri is another cybersecurity plug-in for your website. What makes it so special is that this platform has been built entirely on the cloud, which means no external installation is required. Plus it gives you the option to create backups and restore them if something ever goes wrong. It is fast, faster than the average attack on your content, secure, and a comprehensive and complete protection against all kinds of online threats. With three different plans to choose from, and a 30-day money back guarantees, you can’t go wrong with this one.


monsterinsightsMonsterInsights is a Google Analytics plug-in for WordPress, essential for beginners who need to keep track of how users view their website and how to get them to stay or come back. All the stats that are presented to you are in real time so that you don’t miss a thing while also ensuring the best for your website. Extensive demographic and interest reports help you understand your visitors better while eCommerce tracking feature lets you track your WooCommerce store. It is fast, fun and easy, and comes with a quick setup that involves zero code.

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content ProIf you’re on the web, the chances are that you’re here to make money. And what better way to make money on the web than to lock up some of your content exclusive for paid members. Restrict Content Pro is a plug-in that lets you do that. It has built-in integrations with payment methods like Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.net and Paypal Website Payments Pro. It enables you to create discount codes to give out attractive offers to your customers, gives detailed reports so that you can effectively evaluate your performance and live demonstrations so that you know the experience your customers go through.

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